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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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Inbound Notification Mailer Processing

Notification mailers can also process e-mail responses from users, using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). A notification mailer uses a Java-based e-mail parser to interpret the text of each message and create an XML representation of it.

A notification mailer uses three folders in your response mail account for response processing: one to receive incoming messages, one to store processed messages, and one to store discarded messages.

A notification mailer does the following to process response messages:

The notification mailer performs the following steps for messages that belong to its node.

Note: If the character encoding of the response message is not compatible with the database codeset, the notification mailer may not be able to parse the response and recognize the response values. Ensure that the character encoding of messages in your mail client is compatible with the codeset of your database.

Finally, if there are no more unprocessed messages in the inbox, the notification mailer logs out of the mail and database accounts.

Oracle Workflow provides a seeded agent listener named Workflow Inbound Notifications Agent Listener that runs on the WF_NOTIFICATION_IN agent to continue notification processing for the valid response messages placed on that agent. When an event message is dequeued from WF_NOTIFICATION_IN, Oracle Workflow executes a seeded subscription that calls the appropriate notification response function to record the response and complete the notification.

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