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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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To Use the Requisition Demonstration Web Page

1. Enter the following URL in a web browser to access the Workflow Demonstration web page, then click on the Requisition Approval link to display the Requisition Approval web page:
<webagent> represents the base URL of the web agent configured for Oracle Workflow in your Web server. See: Setting Global User Preferences, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
Alternatively, you can enter the following URL to directly display the Requisition Approval web page:
Attention: These are both secured pages, so if you have not yet logged on as a valid workflow user in the current web session, you will be prompted to do so before the page appears.
2. Enter a unique requisition number.
Note: The requisition number is used as the item key for the process, so it must contain only single-byte characters.
3. Specify a unique requisition description of 80 characters or less.
4. Enter a requisition amount. The amount should be a number without formatting.
5. Use the poplist fields to specify a requisition requestor and process owner. The names on these poplists are limited to the names of the roles in the demonstration data model.
6. Following the requisition input fields is the Approval Hierarchy and Spending Authority table and a description of how the Requisition demonstration process works. The Approval Hierarchy and Spending Authority table summarizes the contents of the demonstration data model.
7. Choose Submit to initiate the Requisition process and to navigate to the Requisition Created confirmation page.
8. In addition to telling you what roles you should log in as to view the process' notifications, the confirmation page also contains a HTML link to the Workflow Monitor where you can choose View Diagram to display the process diagram for the requisition you submitted in ADMIN mode. See: Workflow Monitor, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
9. Select the Process Timeouts HTML link to have the background engine look for any timed out notifications and execute the next activity expected to run in the case of a time out.
Two messages appear below this link informing you of when a timeout may occur in the process.
10. Select the Create Requisition HTML link if you wish to enter and submit another requisition in the Requisition Demonstration web page.

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