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Oracle Workflow API Reference
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10286-02
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Workflow Directory Service APIs

The following APIs can be called by an application program or a workflow function in the runtime phase to retrieve information about existing users and roles, as well as create and manage new ad hoc users and roles in the directory service. These APIs are defined in a PL/SQL package called WF_DIRECTORY.

Attention: If you implement OID integration, you must maintain your users only through OID. You must not create ad hoc users in the WF_LOCAL_ROLES table, because you risk discrepancies in your user information and unpredictable results if you use any tool other than OID to maintain users after integrating with OID. Consequently, if you implement OID integration, you must not use the CreateAdHocUser( ), SetAdHocUserStatus( ), SetAdHocUserExpiration( ), or SetAdHocUserAttr( ) APIs in the WF_DIRECTORY package.
You can still use ad hoc roles, however, since Workflow roles are not maintained through OID.

See Also

Standard API for PL/SQL Procedures Called by Function Activities, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide

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