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Oracle Workflow API Reference
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10286-02
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Notification APIs

The following APIs can be called by a notification agent to manage notifications for a notification activity. The APIs are stored in the PL./SQL package called WF_NOTIFICATION.

Many of these Notification APIs also have corresponding Java methods that you can call from any Java program to integrate with Oracle Workflow. The following list indicates whether the Notification APIs are available as PL/SQL functions/procedures, as Java methods, or both. See: Oracle Workflow Java Interface.

Attention: Java is case-sensitive and all Java method names begin with a lower case letter to follow Java naming conventions.
Note: The Notification System raises business events when a notification is sent, closed, canceled, or reassigned, or when a user responds to a notification. Although Oracle Workflow does not include any predefined subscriptions to some of these events, you can optionally define your own subscriptions to these events if you want to perform custom processing when they occur. See: Notification Events, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide and To Define an Event Subscription, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.

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