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Oracle® Calendar Administrator's Guide
Release 2 (9.0.4)

Part Number B10892-02
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Holidays are special events that appear in the calendars of all users, resources and event calendars in a node. Holidays can be created one-by-one by any user with the proper administrative rights, through the Calendar Administrator or one of the Oracle Calendar Desktop clients.

This chapter describes the various tasks involved in creating and managing holidays.

Managing Holidays

Assigning Holiday Administration Rights

The SYSOP, by default, has holiday management rights. The administrator can also assign holiday administration rights to a regular calendar user. This can be done either through the Calendar Administrator or the command line. For more details on granting administration rights to users, see Chapter 11, "Administrative Rights".


To assign holiday administrative rights to a given user, go to the Users section of the Calendar Administrator and search for the desired user. Select the pencil icon in the Actions column for that user. On the next page, click Administrative Rights from the menu on the left.Note that this option will only appear if you are signed in to the Calendar Administrator as the SYSOP, or as a user with the right to manage other users' administrative rights. Scroll down to the Node Management section where one of the options is Manage Holidays.

Cmd line

Use the uniadmrights utility to assign holiday administration rights. For full information on use and syntax, see the Appendix E, "Utilities" of the Oracle Calendar Reference Manual.

For example:

% uniadmrights -u "S=Sitchin/G=Zechariah" -n 165 -node "holiday=true" 

Creating and Modifying Holidays

Oracle Calendar Desktop Client

Sign in as the Sysop or as a user to whom were granted holiday administration rights in the previous step. Select the holiday management menu item (Tools | Manage Holidays...). See your client's online help for details.


Sign in to the Calendar Administrator as the Sysop or as a user who has had holiday administration rights granted. Select the Server Administration tab on the top right. Click Nodes on the top right. Search for the node if it is not already listed. Click the node's Manage Holiday icon in the Actions column. A calendar will be displayed in which you can add, modify or delete holidays. Click the Add Holiday icon at the top to add new holidays. To modify an existing holiday, find it using the navigation links (Previous or Next) on the top right and then click its link in the calendar.