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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Concepts
Release 2 (9.0.4)

Part Number B15605-01
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8 Oracle Web Conferencing Concepts

Oracle Web Conferencing is the real-time conferencing component of Oracle Collaboration Suite. Oracle Web Conferencing enables users of Oracle Collaboration Suite to hold interactive conferences, Web seminars, one-on-one customer support sessions as well as record and play back conferences. In a conference, users can share Windows-based applications, co-browse the Internet/intranet, write on a shared whiteboard, present documents, chat, conduct polls, and stream voice to others.

Oracle Web Conferencing Features

The following sections describe the key features of Oracle Web Conferencing:

Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing enables you to share applications from a Windows-based computer with other attendees in real time. You can share any application (including your Web browser), any region of your screen, or your entire desktop.

Document Presentation

Oracle Web Conferencing allows you to select and display documents from a personal materials repository for others to view and edit. The following formats are supported: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, ASCII text, and images (.gif and .jpg).


The whiteboard feature of Web Conferencing gives you mark-up and drawing tools as an aid when making presentations.

Voice Streaming

Web Conferencing enables live, listen-only streaming of voice from any telephone or teleconference system through the Oracle Web Conferencing console.


The polling feature in Web Conferencing allows conference hosts to poll the participants of a Web conference. These poll results can be published to attendees in real time.


Web Conferencing allows live chatting with all attendees, a group of attendees, or just with the conference host. You can create predefined messages to send during a chat session.


The Web Conferencing console communicates with the Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) server using a proprietary communication protocol. These messages can be encrypted using SSL for greater privacy. The default option is a non-SSL conference between the consoles and server.

Designated and Shared Control

The host of a conference can share control of the conference with one or more attendees (while still retaining ultimate control). Also, the Oracle Collaboration Suite user who schedules the conference can designate another person to be the acting host, with all appropriate host privileges.


Oracle Web Conferencing allows you to save and play back any type of conference. Recordings are stored in a single file and are voice synchronized with any on-screen data collaboration that occurred during the conference.