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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Sizing and Performance Tuning
Release 2 (9.0.4)

Part Number B15608-01
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Sizing and Performance Tuning

1 Capacity Planning and Sizing
1.1 Suite-Level Sizing Information
1.1.1 Oracle Collaboration Suite Sizing Considerations
1.1.2 Single-Computer Installation Considerations
1.1.3 Oracle Collaboration Suite Memory Requirements
1.2 Oracle Calendar
1.3 Oracle Email
1.3.1 Deployment Choices
1.3.2 Oracle Email Memory Requirements
1.3.3 Oracle Webmail Configuration Requirements
1.4 Oracle Files
1.5 Oracle Ultra Search
1.6 Oracle Voicemail & Fax
1.6.1 Oracle Voicemail & Fax Hardware Recommendations
1.7 Oracle Web Conferencing
1.8 Oracle Wireless and Voice Access
2 Performance Tuning
2.1 Oracle Calendar
2.2 Oracle Email
2.2.1 Overview of the Oracle Email Architecture
2.2.2 Understanding the Breakdown of Costs
2.2.3 Recommended Database Connection Settings
2.2.4 Recommended LDAP Connection Settings
2.2.5 Oracle Email Parameter Recommendations
2.2.6 Recommended Database Process Parameter Settings
2.2.7 Monitoring CPU Usage for Oracle Webmail
2.2.8 Monitoring JavaMail API Response Time for Oracle Webmail
2.2.9 Determining the Optimum Database Pool Size for Oracle Webmail
2.2.10 Oracle Webmail Parameter Recommendations
2.2.11 Scaling Problems and Solutions
2.3 Oracle Files
2.4 Oracle Ultra Search
2.5 Oracle Web Conferencing
2.6 Oracle Wireless and Voice Access
3 Documentation Accessibility