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Oracle® Application Server Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2) for AIX 5L Based Systems (64-Bit)
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1 Summary of Installation Steps

Oracle Application Server is an integrated and powerful product. To optimize its capabilities, you should take time to read this guide so that you and the product get off on the right foot.

This chapter provides an overview of the steps to install Oracle Application Server. The other chapters in this guide describe the steps in detail.

The steps for installing Oracle Application Server are:

  1. Read the following documents for the most current information about Oracle Application Server:

  2. Check that the computers where you want to run Oracle Application Server meet the requirements. This includes:

  3. Read Chapter 5, "Things You Should Know Before Starting the Installation" to get a big picture of how the different parts of Oracle Application Server work together. This chapter describes the OracleAS Infrastructure, Oracle Application Server middle tiers, where you can install them, and what values the installer expects on some of the installation screens.

  4. Read Chapter 6, "Installing OracleAS Infrastructure" and Chapter 7, "Installing Middle Tiers" to get details on the main parts of Oracle Application Server.

  5. If you want to run Oracle Application Server in high availability environments such as OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster or OracleAS Disaster Recovery, read Chapter 10, "Installing in High Availability Environments: Overview".

  6. Learn about recommended topologies. You can install Oracle Application Server on multiple computers to improve scalability, availability, security, and performance. Chapter 15, "Recommended Topologies" describes the recommended development and deployment topologies.

  7. Install Oracle Application Server (infrastructure and/or middle tiers). Follow the appropriate procedures in Chapter 6, "Installing OracleAS Infrastructure" and Chapter 7, "Installing Middle Tiers".

  8. After you install Oracle Application Server, access the Welcome page and run some demos to ensure that the installation was successful.