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Oracle® Application Server Concepts
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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List of Figures

1-1 Application Development Challenges: Application Requirements
1-2 Application Deployment Challenges: System Requirements
1-3 Oracle Application Server Solutions
2-1 Oracle HTTP Server Request Flow
2-2 Oracle HTTP Server Process Architecture
2-3 Oracle HTTP Server HTTP Request–Response Cycle
2-4 J2EE Distributed Multi-tiered Application Architecture
2-5 Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE Architecture
2-6 TopLink Components in the Development Cycle
2-7 The OracleAS TopLink Mapping Workbench in a TopLink Environment
2-8 OracleAS TopLink Application Components
2-9 OracleAS TopLink Metadata
2-10 Oracle Application Server Web Services Architecture
2-11 Oracle Application Server Forms Services Request Flow
2-12 Oracle Content Management SDK Architecture
2-13 MapViewer Architecture
3-1 Sample Portal Page
3-2 Oracle Instant Portal Build Tab
3-3 OracleAS Portal Request Flow
4-1 Oracle Application Server Wireless
4-2 Oracle Application Server Wireless Architecture
5-1 Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Dashboard Example
5-2 Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Architecture
5-3 Oracle Reports Example
5-4 Oracle Application Server Reports Services Architecture
5-5 Oracle Application Server Personalization Architecture
5-6 Configuring Discoverer in Enterprise Manager
6-1 Oracle Application Server Integration InterConnect Architecture
6-2 Oracle Application Server Integration B2B Architecture
7-1 Oracle Application Server Infrastructure Components
8-1 Active-active and Active-passive High Availability Solutions
8-2 Geographically Distributed Disaster Recovery
9-1 Caching Architecture
10-1 Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Console
11-1 Oracle Application Server Security Architecture
12-1 Enterprise Deployment Architecture for
12-2 Enterprise Deployment Architecture for
12-3 Enterprise Deployment Architecture for