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Oracle® Identity Management Integration Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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11.3 The Synchronization Process

This section contains these topics:

11.3.1 How a Connected Directory Retrieves Changes the First Time from Oracle Internet Directory

In this example, a connected directory with a change subscription object named my_change_subscription_object acquires changes from Oracle Internet Directory.

ldapsearch -h my_host -p 389 -b "cn=changeLog" -s one  
(changeNumber >= orclLastAppliedChangeNumber ) 
( ! (modifiersname =cn=my_change_subscription_object,cn=Subscriber Profile,
     cn=ChangeLog Subscriber,cn=Oracle Internet Directory ) ) )

When the directory is retrieving changes for the first time, the value for orclLastAppliedChangeNumber is the number you set in "Task 2: Create a Change Subscription Object in Oracle Internet Directory for the Third-Party Metadirectory Solution".

The argument (!(modifiersname=client_bind_dn)) in the filter ensures that Oracle Internet Directory does not return changes made by the connected directory itself.

11.3.2 How a Connected Directory Updates the orclLastAppliedChangeNumber Attribute in Oracle Internet Directory

After retrieving changes from Oracle Internet Directory, the connected directory updates the orclLastAppliedChangeNumber attribute in its change subscription object in Oracle Internet Directory. This allows Oracle Internet Directory to purge changes that connected directories have already applied. It also enables the connected directory to retrieve only the most recent changes, ignoring those it has already applied.

This example uses an input file, mod.ldif, in which the connected directory has a change subscription object named my_change_subscription_object, and the last applied change number is 121. The connected directory updates orclLastAppliedChangeNumber in its change subscription object in Oracle Internet Directory as follows:

  1. Edit mod.ldif:

    dn: cn=my_change_subscription_object,cn=Subscriber Profile,     cn=ChangeLog Subscriber,cn=Oracle Internet Directory
    replace: orclLastAppliedChangeNumber
    orclLastAppliedChangeNumber: 121
  2. Use ldapmodify to load the edited mod.ldif file:

    ldapmodify -h host -p port -f mod.ldif

    See Also:

    The chapter on garbage collection in Oracle Internet Directory Administrator's Guide for information about purging changes according to change numbers