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Oracle® Identity Management Integration Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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10.4 The Synchronization Process

Once the Oracle Human Resources system, Oracle Internet Directory, and the directory integration and provisioning server are running and the Oracle Human Resources connector is enabled, the directory integration and provisioning server automatically starts synchronizing changes from the Oracle Human Resources system into Oracle Internet Directory. It follows this process:

  1. Depending on the value specified in the Last Execution Time (orclodipLastExecutionTime) and the Scheduling Interval (orclodipschedulinginterval), the directory integration and provisioning server invokes the Oracle Human Resources connector.

  2. The Human Resources agent extracts:

    • All the changes from the Oracle Human Resources System based on the time specified in the orclodipLastSuccessfulExecutionTime attribute in the integration profile

    • Only the attributes specified in the orclodipAgentConfigInfo attribute in the profile

    It then writes the changes into the Oracle Human Resources import file, namely $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/odi/import/HR_Agent_Name.dat.

  3. After the agent completes the execution, it creates a data file that looks something like the following:

    FirstName: John
    LastName: Liu
    EmployeeNumber: 12345
    Title: Mr.
    Sex: M
    MaritalStatus: Married
    TelephoneNumber: 123-456-7891
    Address: 100 Jones Parkway
    City: MyTown
  4. The Oracle directory integration and provisioning server imports the changes to Oracle Internet Directory by doing the following:

    • Reading each change record from the import file

    • Converting each change record into an LDAP change entry based on the rules specified in the Mapping Rules (orclodipAttributeMappingRules) in the integration profile.

  5. After importing all the changes to Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Human Resources connector moves the import file to the archive directory, $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/odi/import/archive. The status attributes Last Execution Time (orclodipLastExecutionTime) and Last Successful Execution Time (orclodipLastSuccessfulExecutionTime) are updated to the current time.

    If the import operation fails, only the Last Execution Time (orclodipLastExecutionTime) attribute is updated, and the connector once again attempts to extract the changes from Human Resources system based on the Last Successful Execution Time (orclodipLastSuccessfulExecutionTime) attribute. The reason for failure is logged in the trace file in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/odi/HR_Agent_Name.trc file.