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Oracle® Identity Management Integration Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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17.5 Select the Attribute for the Login Name

The attribute for the login name contains the identity of the end user when logging into any Oracle component. It is stored in Oracle Internet Directory as the value of the attribute orclcommonnicknameattribute, under the container cn=common,cn=products,cn=oracleContext,identity_management_realm.

By default, orclcommonnicknameattribute has uid as its value. This means that the identity used for login is stored in the uid attribute of the user entry.

If the connected directory has a specific attribute for login, then that attribute needs to be mapped to the right orclcommonnicknameattribute in Oracle Internet Directory. This needs to be one of the mapping rules in the mapping file for the connector associated with synchronizing with the third-party directory.

For example, suppose that you are synchronizing Oracle Internet Directory with Microsoft Active Directory, and that, in the latter, the login identifier is contained in the userPrincipalName attribute of the user entry. You would synchronize the value of the userPrincipalName attribute to Oracle Internet Directory, storing it in the uid attribute, which is the value of the orclcommonnicknameattribute attribute. This mapping needs to be reflected in the mapping rules in the directory integration profile.

You can also use any other attribute for login. For example, if you want to use employeeID for logins, then mapping rules can be set accordingly. Doing this does not affect your configuration.


The orclcommonnicknameattribute attribute is used extensively by Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On, so be sure to plan carefully how you intend to map the attribute to a third-party directory attribute. After you modify this attribute, you must refresh Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On in order for the change to take effect.

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