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Oracle® Identity Management Integration Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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19.1 Overview of Integration with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

Microsoft Windows NT domain users can be integrated with Oracle Identity Management. Microsoft Windows NT groups are not synchronized to Oracle Internet Directory, nor is information about the members of those groups. In this case, each of the Microsoft Windows NT domains can be mapped to a domain object or an organization unit object in Oracle Internet Directory. Typical mapping of Microsoft Windows NT domains to domain containers in the Oracle Internet Directory directory information tree is shown in Figure 19-1.

Figure 19-1 Integration of Oracle Internet Directory DIT with Microsoft Windows NT Domains

Description of Figure 19-1  follows
Description of "Figure 19-1 Integration of Oracle Internet Directory DIT with Microsoft Windows NT Domains"

Microsoft Windows NT domains are integrated with Oracle Internet Directory so that a minimal user footprint is automatically created in Oracle Internet Directory.

If a user entry exists in Microsoft Windows NT but not in Oracle Internet Directory, then, when that user tries to log in to use the Oracle Application Server components, the auto-registration plug-in creates a shadow entry with minimal footprint information in Oracle Internet Directory. This entry remains in Oracle Internet Directory for the next time the same user tries to log in.

External authentication, with Microsoft Windows NT acting as the external repository, is supported by the use of plug-ins. Ongoing synchronization with the Microsoft Windows NT environment is not supported.