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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide

Part Number B12160-02
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Use wfmlrdbg.sql to display debugging information for a notification that you can use to check the status of the notification or investigate errors. This script creates an output file named wfmlrdbg<nid>.html, where <nid> is the notification ID (NID).

Use the script as follows:

sqlplus <user/pwd> @wfmlrdbg <nid> <FND_schema>

Replace <nid> with the notification ID for the notification. Replace <FND_schema> with the ORACLE username that connects to Oracle Application Object Library data in Oracle Applications, usually applsys, or the ORACLE username for Oracle Workflow in standalone Oracle Workflow, usually owf_mgr.

Note: In Oracle Applications, you can also obtain this information by running the Mailer Diagnostic Test in Oracle Diagnostics. See: Mailer Diagnostic Test.

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