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Oracle Workflow API Reference

Part Number B12163-02
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PL/SQL Syntax

procedure Raise3

     (p_event_name in varchar2,
p_event_key in varchar2,
p_event_data in clob default NULL,
p_parameter_list in out nocopy wf_parameter_list_t,
p_send_date in date default NULL);


Raises a local event to the Event Manager and returns the parameter list for the event. Raise3() performs the same processing as the Raise() procedure, except that Raise3() passes the event parameter list back to the calling application after completing the event subsription processing. See: Raise.

Raise3() creates a WF_EVENT_T structure for this event instance and sets the specified event name, event key, event data, parameter list, and send date into the structure. Then, if the event is not deferred, the Event Manager begins subscription processing for the event. The Event Manager searches for and executes any enabled subscriptions by the local system to that event with a source type of Local, and also any enabled subscriptions by the local system to the Any event with a source type of Local. If no enabled subscriptions exist for the event that was raised (apart from subscriptions to the Any event), then Oracle Workflow executes any enabled subscriptions by the local system to the Unexpected event with a source type of Local.

After completing subscription processing for the event, Raise3() returns the parameter list for the event, including any modifications made to the parameters by the rule functions of the subscriptions. In this way, event subscriptions can communicate parameters back to the application that raised the event.

Note: Any exceptions raised during Raise3() processing are not trapped, but instead are exposed to the code that called the Raise3() procedure. This behavior enables you to use subscriptions and their rule functions to perform validation, with the same results as if the validation logic were coded inline.

Arguments (input)

p_event_name The internal name of the event.
p_event_key A string generated when the event occurs within a program or application. The event key uniquely identifies a specific instance of the event.
p_event_data An optional set of information about the event that describes what occurred. The Event Manager checks each subscription before executing it to determine whether the subscription requires the event data. If the event data is required but is not already provided, the Event Manager calls the Generate function for the event to produce the event data. See: Events, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide and Standard API for an Event Data Generate Function, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.
p_parameter_list A list of additional parameter name and value pairs.
p_send_date An optional date to indicate when the event should become available for subscription processing.

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