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Oracle Workflow API Reference

Part Number B12163-02
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Sending Notification Messages

The Send( ) API or the SendGroup( ) API is called by the Workflow Engine when it encounters a notification activity. These APIs do the following:

Note: If a notification activity sends a message that is for the performer's information only (FYI), where there are no RESPOND message attributes associated with it, the notification activity gets marked as complete as soon as the Notification System delivers the message.

Note: In the case of a voting activity, the status is updated to 'WAITING' instead of 'NOTIFIED'. See: Special Handling of Voting Activities

Users who view their notifications from the Notifications Web page, regardless of their notifications preferences, are simply querying the Workflow Notification tables from this interface.

A notification recipient can perform the following actions with the notification:

Note: In Oracle Applications, you can use the WF: Notification Reassign Mode profile option to determine whether users can reassign notifications by forwarding (also known as delegating) the notifications, transferring the notifications, or both. See: Setting the WF: Notification Reassign Mode Profile Option, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.

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