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Oracle Workflow API Reference

Part Number B12163-02
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Business Events

Events from the Business Event System are represented within workflow processes as event activities. An event activity can either raise, send, or receive a business event.

A Raise event activity raises an event to the Event Manager, triggering any subscriptions to that event. The Workflow Engine calls the WF_EVENT.Raise API to raise the event. See: Raise.

A Send event activity sends an event directly to a Business Event System agent without raising the event to the Event Manager. The Workflow Engine calls the WF_EVENT.Send API to send the event. See: Send.

A Receive event activity receives an event from the Event Manager into a workflow process, which then continues the thread of execution from that activity. The Workflow Engine can receive an event into an activity in an existing process instance that is waiting for the event, using the correlation ID in the event message to match the event with the process to which it belongs. The Workflow Engine can also receive an event into a Receive event activity that is marked as a Start activity to launch a new workflow process. The WF_ENGINE.Event API is used to receive an event into a workflow process. See: Event.

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