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Oracle Workflow API Reference

Part Number B12163-02
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PL/SQL Syntax

function GetItemUserKey

    (itemtype in varchar2,
itemkey in varchar2)
return varchar2;

Java Syntax

public static String getItemUserKey

    (WFContext wCtx,
String itemType,
String itemKey)


Returns the user-friendly key assigned to an item in a process, identified by an item type and item key. The user key is a user-friendly identifier to locate items in the Workflow Monitor and other user interface components of Oracle Workflow.

Arguments (input)

wCtx Workflow context information. Required for the Java method only. See: Oracle Workflow Context.
itemtype or itemType A valid item type.
itemkey or itemKey A string generated usually from the application object's primary key. The string uniquely identifies the item within an item type. The item type and key together identify the process. See: CreateProcess.

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