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Oracle® Application Server Integration InterConnect Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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3 Managing OracleAS Integration InterConnect

This chapter describes how to manage OracleAS Integration InterConnect after installation. It contains the following topics:

Starting OracleAS Integration InterConnect

Start OracleAS Integration InterConnect using the following steps:

  1. Start the Hub database.

  2. Start the Hub database listener.

  3. Start InterConnect Repository.

    On UNIX:

    Use the start command:

    cd ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/repository

    On Windows:

    Use the start.bat command or the Windows Services to start and stop the repository:

    cd ORACLE_HOME\integration\interconnect\repository


    The Windows Service Names of the OracleAS Integration InterConnect Components are:
    • OracleAS Integration InterConnect Adapters: OracleOracleHomeNameInterConnect-adapterName, for example, myAQApp

    • OracleAS Integration InterConnect Repository: OracleOracleHomeNameInterConnectRepository

    • Oracle Workflow: OracleOracleHomeNameInterConnectWorkflow

  4. Use iStudio to design integration metadata. To start iStudio, use the following shortcut from the Start menu:

    Start, Programs, ORACLE_HOME_NAME,Application Development

  5. Start adapters.

    See Also:

    Table 2-1 for a list of adapter-specific documentation

Changing OracleAS Integration InterConnect and Oracle Workflow Schemas Passwords

You might need to change the passwords of the ichub and owf_mgr schemas on a regular basis, depending on your company's security policy. The ichub is the schema for OracleAS Integration InterConnect, and owf_mgr is the schema for Oracle Workflow.

OracleAS Integration InterConnect uses Oracle Wallet Manager to maintain system passwords. When you install OracleAS Integration InterConnect, Oracle Wallet Manager is also installed and a password store is created. All passwords used by OracleAS Integration InterConnect components are stored in the password store.

You can create, update, and delete passwords using the oraclewallet command. When you run the command, it prompts you for the admin password.

To change the passwords of the ichub and owf_mgr schemas in the Oracle database, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the following command on the command prompt of the directory where OracleAS Integration InterConnect is installed:

    oraclewallet -updatesecret passwordname

    When you press Enter, it will prompt you for the admin authentication, which is required for updating the password.

  2. Enter the admin password and press Enter.

  3. A following confirmation message is displayed:

    The secret ichub has been updated in the secret store.

Creating Multiple Repository Schemas in the Same Database

The first schema was created in the repository database during the hub installation. If you need a second schema in the repository database, you can create it using the following steps:

  1. Run the InterConnect Hub installation procedure to install OracleAS Integration InterConnect Hub in a new OracleAS Middle Tier Oracle home.

    When the installer prompts you for database information, enter hub information (database host, port, and SID) that is identical to the hub information in the first install.

  2. After the install is complete, make a copy of the following files so that you have a copy of the original. You will be making changes to these files:

    • NEW_ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/repository/hubschema

    • NEW_ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/repository/oaiexport

    • NEW_ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/repository/oaiimport

    • NEW_ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/repository/sql/hub1.sql

    • NEW_ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/repository/sql/deinstall_schema.sql

    • NEW_ORACLE_HOME/integration/interconnect/hub/hub.ini

  3. Replace all occurrences of ichub with the name of the new schema in the preceding files. For example, if you want the new schema to be called ichub2, replace ichub with ichub2.

  4. Run the modified hubschema script to create the new hub user (ichub2 in this example) in the hub database.

  5. Update the hub_password key in the Oracle Wallet for this new Oracle home.