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Oracle® Application Server Forms Services Deployment Guide
10g Release 2 (10.1.2)
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A.1 Verifying The Installation

If there is something wrong with the installation, then it will result in faulty configuration and Oracle Forms will not run correctly. Fortunately, after the Oracle Universal Installer says that Oracle Application Server or Developer Suite was successfully installed, you can be verify whether Oracle Forms services is correctly configured or not. You can use these tools as solutions:

Section A.1.1, "Use The Web Form Tester"

Section A.1.2, "Find Port Information"

A.1.1 Use The Web Form Tester

The Form Tester is available with your Oracle Application Server or Developer Suite installation. To verify whether the OracleAS installation and configuration of Forms Services is correct, run the Web Form Tester on the middle tier. The following is an example of how this can be done on a Windows computer.

  1. Start Oracle HTTP Server by selecting Start | Program Files Oracle Application Server-AS Home | Oracle HTTP Server | Start HTTP Server, if it is not already started.

    For Oracle Developer Suite, start the OC4J instance (if not already started) by selecting Start | Programs | Oracle Developer Suite - DevSuiteHome | Forms Developer | Start OC4J Instance.

  2. Open an instance of the browser by typing ORACLE_HOME/tools/web/html/runform.htm for the URL and hit the ENTER key. Replace ORACLE_HOME with your actual Oracle home for OracleAS or Developer Suite.

  3. You may also run the Web Form Tester by selecting Start | Program Files | OracleAS–Home for AS | Forms Developer | Run a Form on the Web from the Windows Start menu for OracleAS.

    For Oracle Developer Suite, select Start |Program Files|Oracle Developer Suite–Home for DS | Forms Developer | Run a Form on the Web from the Windows Start menu.

  4. Enter the Web port and click the Run Form button. See Section A.1.2, "Find Port Information" to learn how to find out the Web port.

  5. If the installation of OracleAS or Developer Suite is correct, you'll see a success message in the Web browser. Also, it can be tested from a client computer whether the basic Forms setup in OracleAS or Developer Suite on the middle tier is installed correctly or not by the installer. You can run the test form from any client computer by running it from the browser with the URL NNNN/forms90/f90servlet?form=test.fmx.

A.1.2 Find Port Information

When in doubt or you need to know what port numbers to use to run Forms after installation, you can look at port information in the file ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini.Use the appropriate port numbers for your installation.