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Oracle® XML DB Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10790-01
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G C API for XML (Oracle XML DB): Quick Reference

This appendix provides a quick reference for the C API for XML, Oracle XML DB specific functions.

This appendix contains this topic:

XML Context

An XML Context is a required parameter to all the C DOM API functions. This context encapsulates information pertaining to data encoding, error message language and such. This contents of this opaque context are different for XDK applications and Oracle XML DB.

For Oracle XML DB, there are two OCI functions provided to initialize an XML Context. The function OCIXmlDbInitXmlCtx() is used to initialize the context while OCIXmlDbFreeXmlCtx() tears it down.

OCIXmlDbFreeXmlCtx() Syntax

Here is the OCIXmlDbFreeXmlCtx() syntax:

void OCIXmlDbFreeXMlCtx ( xmlctx   *xctx );

where parameter, xctx (IN) is the XML context to terminate.

OCIXmlDbInitXmlCtx() Syntax

Here is the OCIXmlDbInitXmlCtx() syntax:

xmlctx *OCIXmlDb_CtxInit (   OCIEnv                *envhp,
                             OCISvcHp              *svchp,
                             OCIError              *errhp,
                             ocixmldbparam         *params,
                             ub4                   num_params );