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PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10807-01
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List of Figures

1-1 PL/SQL Boosts Performance
1-2 Block Structure
1-3 PL/SQL Engine
2-1 Scope and Visibility
3-1 Built-in Datatypes
4-1 Control Structures
5-1 Array versus Nested Table
5-2 Varray of Size 10
6-1 Transaction Control Flow
8-1 How the PL/SQL Compiler Resolves Calls
8-2 Indirect Calls to an Invoker's Rights Subprogram
9-1 Package Scope
10-1 Propagation Rules: Example 1
10-2 Propagation Rules: Example 2
10-3 Propagation Rules: Example 3
12-1 Each Application Uses a Subset of Object Attributes
12-2 Object Type and Objects (Instances) of that Type
12-3 Object Type Structure