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Oracle® interMedia Java Classes Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10830-01
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9 Java Classes for Servlets and JSP

Oracle interMedia Java Classes ("interMedia Java Classes") for servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) provides the following classes to facilitate retrieving and uploading media data from and to Oracle Database:

The OrdHttpJspResponseHandler class facilitates the retrieval of media data from the database, and its delivery to a browser or other HTTP client from a JSP page. The OrdHttpResponseHandler class provides the same features for a Java servlet.

Form-based file uploading using HTML forms encodes form data and uploaded files in POST requests using the multipart/form-data format. The OrdHttpUploadFormData class facilitates the processing of such requests by parsing the POST data and making the contents of regular form fields and the contents of uploaded files readily accessible to Java servlets or JSP pages. The OrdHttpUploadFile class facilitates the handling of uploaded files by providing an API that applications can call to load media data into Oracle Database.

The OrdMultipartFilter class filters form-based file upload servlet requests whose contents are encoded in multipart/form-data format. This class wraps a request object with an OrdMultipartWrapper object that parses the content. When used with the OrdMultipartWrapper object, the OrdMultipartFilter class provides transparent access to the parameters and files in the servlet request with multipart/form-data encoding.

The OrdMultipartWrapper class wraps the HttpServletRequest object and provides access to the contents in the HTTP request that is encoded using multipart/form-data encoding. This class provides access to the text-based form field parameters and the uploaded files.

The client library, ordhttp.jar, is located in $ORACLE_HOME/ord/im/jlib on UNIX and <ORACLE_HOME>\ord\im\jlib on Windows.