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Oracle® interMedia Java Classes Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10830-01
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5 OrdImageSignature

This chapter contains reference information for the class.

The OrdImageSignature class is used to represent an instance of the ORDSYS.ORDImageSignature database type in a Java application. The OrdImageSignature class includes a method to generate an image signature, as well as static methods to compare two image signatures.

If your application modifies the OrdImageSignature object, you must perform a SQL update operation to make those changes permanent.

Image signature indexes are used to improve performance of database operations involving image matching. To take advantage of the increased performance that is possible using image matching with image signature indexes on the underlying tables, use the IMGSimilar and IMGScore SQL operators.

See Oracle interMedia Reference for more information about image signature indexes.


All interMedia features are available with the Standard Edition of Oracle Database, except image indexing, which uses the ORDImageSignature object. The image indexing feature requires bit-mapped indexing, which is available only when you install the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database.