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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Concepts
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B12016-01
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1 Introduction

Challenges of Managing the Enterprise
Availability of Information
Managing Innumerable Components
Preventing the Unthinkable
How to Safeguard Your Systems Against Viruses
Enterprise Manager Framework Security
Reducing the Cost of Ownership
How Enterprise Manager Meets These Challenges
Managing Your Ecosystem
Managing Grid Computing
Enterprise Manager Features to Support Grid Computing
Implementing Grid Computing with Enterprise Manager
Providing a Flexible Architecture
More About Managed Targets
More About Oracle Management Service

2 Monitoring the Oracle Environment

The Basics
Metrics and Alerts - Heart of Enterprise Manager
Aggregating Information
Identifying Trends
Comparing Metrics and Targets
Notifying the Appropriate People Instantly
Notification Methods
Notification Rules
Default Notification Rules for Supported Targets
Getting Started Monitoring
Out-of-Box Value for Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring of the Entire Oracle Ecosystem
Advice-Driven Responses to Alerts
Quick Views and Drill-Downs
Customizing Monitoring
Editing Thresholds
Creating Thresholds Using Metric Baselines
Copying Metric Settings
Creating User-Defined Metrics
Taking Advantage of Jobs
Blacking Out Targets
Self-Monitoring Architecture
Oracle Management Repository Operations
Oracle Management Services
Oracle Management Agent

3 Application Performance Management

Introduction to Application Performance Management
Web Application Availability Monitoring
What is Web Application Availability Monitoring?
Web Application Availability Monitoring in Action
Business Transaction Monitoring
What Is Business Transaction Monitoring?
Business Transaction Monitoring in Action
Page Performance Monitoring
What Is Page Performance Monitoring?
Page Performance Monitoring in Action
Extended Network and Critical URL Monitoring
What Is Extended Network and Critical URL Monitoring?
Extended Network and Critical URL Monitoring in Action

4 Database Management

Introduction to Database Management
Database Control Versus Grid Control
Database Home Page as the Management Hub
Monitoring Databases
Database Performance Page
Top Consumers
SQL Monitoring
Administering Databases
Database Maintenance
Database Group Management
Managing Multiple Databases
Best Practice Configuration Recommendations

5 Application Server Management

Out-of-Box Management of Oracle Application Server Instances
Centralized Management of Oracle Application Server Instances
Complete Oracle Application Server Administration
Automated Oracle Application Server Monitoring and Alerts
Oracle Application Server Diagnostics and Historical Analysis
Diagnosing Oracle Application Server Performance Issues with "Top" Reports
Analyzing Historical Oracle Application Server Performance

6 Managing Deployments

Collecting Hardware and Software Configuration Information
Understanding Host Configuration Information
Understanding Database Configuration Information
Understanding Enterprise Configuration Information
Monitoring and Managing Your Deployments
Viewing the Hardware and Software Configurations of a Host or Database
Viewing the Configuration Information for a Host
Viewing the Configuration Information for a Database
Tracking Changes to Host Configurations
Viewing a Summary View of Your Enterprise Configuration
Comparing Configurations
Comparing Host Configurations
Comparing Database Configurations
Searching the Enterprise Configuration
Cloning Oracle Homes and Database Instances
Viewing Host and Database Policy Violations
Simplifying the Patching of Oracle Products
Managing Oracle Critical Patch Advisories

7 Setting Up Enterprise Manager for Your Environment

Creating Administrators
Superadministrator Account
Administrator Account
Using Privileges
Defining Roles
Organizing Targets as Groups

8 Extending Enterprise Manager

Enhancing Enterprise Manager
Accessing Management Information Using Management Repository Views
Management Repository as Comprehensive Source
Base Views
Imbedded Queries In Code
Using Fetchlets
Using User-Defined SQL Metrics

9 Managing From Anywhere - EM2Go

Introduction to EM2Go
Mobile Security
Intuitive Interface
Highlights of EM2Go
Ad Hoc SQL and OS Queries
Performance Monitoring

10 Job System

What Is A Job?
What Are Job Executions and Job Runs?
Differences Between Job Executions and Job Runs
Refining the Job Search
Target Types
Access Check Box
Using and Defining Jobs
Analyzing Job Activity
Jobs and Groups
Sharing Job Responsibilities
Job Library