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Oracle® Database JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10979-02
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27 Proxy Authentication

This chapter contains the following sections:

27.1 Middle-Tier Authentication Through Proxy Connections

Middle-tier authentication allows one JDBC connection (session) to act as a proxy for other JDBC connections. An application may need proxy authentication for any of the following reasons:

There are three ways to create proxy sessions in the OCI driver. Roles can be associated with any of the following options:

The following code shows signatures of the getProxyConnection() method with information about the proxy type process:

   * For creating a proxy connection. All macros are defined 
   * in 
   * @param proxyType  Can be one of following types 
                        - This will be the normal mode of specifying the user
                          name in proxyUser as in Oracle8i 

                        - This will specify the distinguished name of the user
                          in proxyUser 

                        - This will specify the proxy certificate 

     The Properties (ie prop) should be set as follows. 

        PROXY_USER_NAME and/or PROXY_USER_PASSWORD depending 
           on how the connection-pool owner was authenticated 
           to act as proxy for this proxy user 
           PROXY_USER_NAME (String) = user to be proxied for 
           PROXY_PASSWORD (String) = password of the user to be proxied for 

         PROXY_DISTINGUISHED_NAME (String) = (global) distinguished name of the user to be proxied for 
    else if PROXYTYPE_CERTIFICATE (byte[]) 
         PROXY_CERTIFICATE = certficate containing the encoded 
                                  distinguished name 

    PROXY_ROLES (String[])  Set of roles which this proxy connection can use. Roles can be null, and can be associated 
with any of the above proxy methods. 

   * @return   connection object 
   * Notes: The user and password used to create OracleOCIConnectionPool() 
   *        must be allowed to act as proxy for user 'us'. 
   public synchronized OracleConnection getProxyConnection(String proxyType,
     Properties prop) 
     throws SQLException