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Oracle® OLAP Developer's Guide to the OLAP API
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10335-02
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A Setting Up the Development Environment

This appendix describes the development environment for creating applications that use the OLAP API.

This appendix includes the following topics:

A.1 Overview

The Oracle Database installation, with the OLAP option, provides the OLAP API and other class libraries, as jar files, that you require to develop an OLAP API client application. As an application developer, you must copy the required jar files to the computer on which you develop your Java application, or otherwise make them accessible to your development environment.

A.2 Required Class Libraries

Your application development environment must have the following files:

If you are using Oracle JDeveloper as your development environment, the JDK is already installed on your computer. However, ensure that you are using the correct version of the JDK in JDeveloper.

A.3 Obtaining the Class Libraries

Table A-1 lists the OLAP API and other jar files that you must include in your application development environment. The table includes the locations of the files under the directory identified by the ORACLE_HOME environment variable on the system on which the Oracle database is installed. You can copy these files to your application development computer, or otherwise include them in your development environment.

Table A-1 Required Class Libraries and Their Locations in the Oracle Installation

Class Library jar File Location under ORACLE_HOME
olap_api.jar /olap/olapi/lib
classes12.jar /jdbc/lib
nls_charset12.jar /jdbc/lib

The olap_api.jar file contain the OLAP API classes. The classes12.jar file contains JDBC classes for use with JDK 1.2.x. The nls_charset12.jar file contains JDBC classes that provide globalization support.