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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10339-02
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The LSIZE option defines the line size within which the STDHDR program centers the standard header. LSIZE can be set in the initialization section of a report program.

Data type






An integer expression that specifies the line size within which the STDHDR program centers the standard header, or the maximum line size for output from the HEADING command. The default is 80 characters for a line.


Centering Report Segments

Since STDHDR centers the running page heading within the width of LSIZE, you can use it in conjunction with LSIZE to center parts of your report. (Start by setting LSIZE to the width of the longest line in your report.)

Creating Centered Headings

You can use LSIZE in centering your own headings for each page or at the beginning of a section. Start by setting LSIZE to the width of your line. Then use the HEADING command with a WIDTH of LSIZE and the keyword CENTER before the text of your heading. See Example 16-34, "Centering a Heading".

Maximum Line Width

The maximum width of any line in a report, including a heading line, is 4000 characters. Therefore, it generally makes sense to set LSIZE to a value of 4000 or less.

Output to the Default Outfile

When you set LSIZE for the default outfile, the new value remains in effect until you reset it, regardless of intervening OUTFILE commands that send output to a file. That is, the value of LSIZE is automatically saved for the default outfile.

Output to a File

To set LSIZE for a file, first make the file your current outfile by specifying its name in an OUTFILE command, then set LSIZE to the desired value. The new value remains in effect until you reset it or until you use an OUTFILE command to direct output to a different outfile. When you direct output to a different outfile, LSIZE returns to its default value of 80 for the file.


Example 16-34 Centering a Heading

Suppose you design a quarterly sales report to have a short line width of 50 characters so that readers have plenty of room to make notes in the margins. To center your headings, include the following lines near the beginning of your report program.

PAGEPRG = 'stdhdr'
LSIZE = 50

The following output will be produced at the beginning of the report.

96/05/13 15:05:16                            PAGE 1
                  Quarterly Sales