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Oracle® Database Advanced Replication Management API Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10733-01
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This procedure enables the propagation of deferred transactions from other prepared new master sites and existing master sites to the invocation master site. This procedure also enables the propagation of deferred transactions from the invocation master site to the other prepared new master sites and existing master sites.

If you performed a full database export/import or a change-based recovery, then the new master site includes all of the deferred transactions that were in the deferred transactions queue at the master definition site. Because these deferred transactions should not exist at the new master site, this procedure deletes all transactions in the deferred transactions queue and error queue if full database export/import or change-based recovery was used.

For object-level export/import, ensure that all the requests in the DBA_REPCATLOG data dictionary view for the extended groups have been processed without error before running this procedure.

  • Do not invoke this procedure until instantiation (export/import or change-based recovery) for the new master site is complete.
  • Do not allow any data manipulation language (DML) statements directly on the objects in the extended master group in the new master site until execution of this procedure returns successfully. These DML statements may not be replicated.
  • Do not use the DBMS_DEFER package to create deferred transactions until execution of this procedure returns successfully. These deferred transactions may not be replicated.

  • To use change-based recovery, the existing master site and the new master site must be running under the same operating system, although the release of the operating system can differ.
  • You can use either Data Pump export/import or original export/import to perform exports and imports in an Advanced Replication environment. General references to export/import in this document refer to both Data Pump and original export/import.


   extension_id             IN       RAW);


Table 18-102 PREPARE_INSTANTIATED_MASTER Procedure Parameters
Parameter Description

The identifier for the current pending request to add master databases to a master group without quiesce. You can find the extension_id by querying the DBA_REPSITES_NEW and DBA_REPEXTENSIONS data dictionary views.


Table 18-103 PREPARE_INSTANTIATED_MASTER Procedure Exceptions  
Exception Description

The parameter value specified for one of the parameters is not appropriate.


Feature is incompatible with database version. All databases must be at 9.0.1 or higher compatibility level.