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Oracle® Database Globalization Support Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10749-02
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List of Figures

1-1 Loading Locale-Specific Data to the Database
2-1 ISO 8859-1 8-Bit Encoding Scheme
2-2 Bytes of Storage for Different Kinds of Characters
2-3 Monolingual Database Scenario
2-4 Multitier Monolingual Database Scenario
2-5 Character Set Conversion
2-6 Data Loss During Character Conversion
2-7 Restricted Multilingual Support
2-8 Unrestricted Multilingual Support Scenario in a Client/Server Configuration
2-9 Multitier Unrestricted Multilingual Support Scenario in a Multitier Configuration
5-1 Character String
6-1 UTF-16, UTF-8, and UCS-2 Encoding Examples
7-1 Oracle Database Access Products
7-2 Character Integrity
8-1 Monolingual Internet Application Architecture
8-2 Multilingual Internet Application Architecture
8-3 GDK Components
8-4 GDK Application Framework for J2EE
8-5 Oracle Character Set Plug-In
11-1 Replacement Characters in Character Set Conversion
11-2 Incorrect Character Set Replacement
11-3 Mixed Character Sets
13-1 Oracle Locale Builder Utility
13-2 Existing Definitions Dialog Box
13-3 Session Log Dialog Box
13-4 Previewing the NLT File
13-5 Open File Dialog Box
13-6 Language General Information
13-7 Month Names Tab Page
13-8 Day Names Tab Page
13-9 General Tab Page for Territories
13-10 Choosing Calendar Formats
13-11 Choosing Date and Time Formats
13-12 Choosing Number Formats
13-13 Choosing Currency Formats
13-14 General Tab Page for Character Sets
13-15 Choosing US7ASCII in the Existing Definitions Dialog Box
13-16 General Tab Page When US7ASCII Has Been Chosen
13-17 Character Data Mapping Tab Page for US7ASCII
13-18 US7ASCII Code Chart
13-19 Japanese Kanji Character
13-20 General Tab Page for MYCHARSET
13-21 Type Specification Tab Page
13-22 Importing User-Defined Character Data
13-23 New Characters in the Character Set
13-24 General Tab Page for Collation
13-25 Unicode Collation Sequence Tab Page
13-26 Paste Node Dialog Box
13-27 Unicode Collation Sequence After Modification
13-28 Canonical Rules Dialog Box
13-29 Changing the Sort Order for All Characters with the Same Diacritic
13-30 The New Sort Order for Characters with the Same Diacritic
13-31 Changing the Sort Order of One Character with a Diacritic
13-32 New Sort Order After Changing a Single Character
13-33 Location Dialog Box
13-34 NLB Generation Success Dialog Box
A-1 Japanese Imperial Example