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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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V$DATABASE_INCARNATION displays information about all database incarnations. Oracle creates a new incarnation whenever a database is opened with the RESETLOGS option. Records about the current and immediately previous incarnation are also contained in the V$DATABASE view.

Column Datatype Description
INCARNATION# NUMBER Record ID for the branch record in the controlfile
RESETLOGS_CHANGE# NUMBER Resetlogs system change number (SCN) for the incarnation of the current row
RESETLOGS_TIME DATE Resetlogs timestamp for the incarnation of the current row
PRIOR_RESETLOGS_CHANGE# NUMBER Resetlogs SCN for the previous incarnation
PRIOR_RESETLOGS_TIME DATE Resetlogs timestamp for the previous incarnation
STATUS VARCHAR2(7) Incarnation status:
  • ORPHAN - Orphan incarnation

  • CURRENT - Current incarnation of the database

  • PARENT - Parent of the current incarnation

RESETLOGS_ID NUMBER Branch ID for the incarnation of the current row (used by user-managed recovery/RMAN restore to get unique names for archived logs accross incarnations)
PRIOR_INCARNATION# NUMBER Parent incarnation record ID if nonzero