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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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V$LOGSTDBY_STATS displays LogMiner statistics, current state, and status information for the logical standby database during SQL apply. If SQL apply is not running, then the values for the statistics are cleared. This view is for logical standby databases only.

Column Datatype Description
NAME VARCHAR2(64) Name of the statistic, state, or status:

Note: Many of the following statistics are subject to change or deletion; programmers should write application code to tolerate missing or extra statistics.

  • Number of preparers

  • Number of appliers

  • Maximum SGA for LCR cache

  • Parallel servers in use

  • Transaction consistency

  • Coodinator state

  • Transactions scheduled

  • Transactions applied

  • Preparer memory alloc failures

  • Builder memory alloc failures

  • Attempts to handle low memory

  • Successful low memory recovery

  • Memory spills avoided

  • Rollback attempts

  • Successful rollbacks

  • Memory spill attempts

  • Successful memory spills

  • Preparer ignored memory LWM

  • Builder ignored memory LWM

  • Mining resumed

  • Number of DDL transactions applied

  • Number of DDL transactions skipped

  • Number of table creation and index changes

  • Which table or tables are experiencing the most activity from SQL apply

  • Average apply rate for the SQL apply

VALUE VARCHAR2(64) Value of the statistic or state information