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Oracle® Database Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10755-01
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This view contains rollback segment statistics.

Column Datatype Description
USN NUMBER Rollback segment number
LATCH NUMBER Latch for the rollback segment
EXTENTS NUMBER Number of extents in the rollback segment
RSSIZE NUMBER Size (in bytes) of the rollback segment. This value differs by the number of bytes in one database block from the value of the BYTES column of the ALL/DBA/USER_SEGMENTS views.

See Also: Oracle Database Administrator's Guide.

WRITES NUMBER Number of bytes written to the rollback segment
XACTS NUMBER Number of active transactions
GETS NUMBER Number of header gets
WAITS NUMBER Number of header waits
OPTSIZE NUMBER Optimal size of the rollback segment
HWMSIZE NUMBER High-watermark of rollback segment size
SHRINKS NUMBER Number of times the size of a rollback segment decreases
WRAPS NUMBER Number of times rollback segment is wrapped
EXTENDS NUMBER Number of times rollback segment size is extended
AVESHRINK NUMBER Average shrink size
AVEACTIVE NUMBER Current size of active extents, averaged over time.
STATUS VARCHAR2(15) Rollback segment status:



  • FULL

CUREXT NUMBER Current extent
CURBLK NUMBER Current block