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Oracle® Data Guard Broker
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10822-01
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List of Figures

1-1 Relationship of Objects Managed by the Data Guard Broker
1-2 Oracle Data Guard Broker
1-3 Data Guard GUI (in Oracle Enterprise Manager) - Overview Page
1-4 Databases With Distributed Broker (DMON) Processes
2-1 Oracle Data Guard Broker Configuration
2-2 Broker Configuration Setup in a CFS Area
2-3 Broker Configuration Setup With Raw Device
2-4 Life Cycle of a Broker Configuration and Its Databases
3-1 Database State Transition Diagrams
5-1 Create a Broker Configuration
5-2 Data Guard Overview Page
5-3 Create a Configuration
5-4 Add Standby Database Wizard - Introductory Page
5-5 Add Standby Database Wizard - Backup Type (Physical Standby Database)
5-6 Add Standby Database Wizard - Backup Type (Logical Standby Database)
5-7 Add Standby Database Wizard - Backup Options
5-8 Add Standby Database Wizard - Standby Oracle Home
5-9 Add Standby Database Wizard - File Locations
5-10 Add Standby Database Wizard - Standby Configuration
5-11 Add Standby Database Wizard - Review
5-12 Add Standby Database Wizard - Processing
5-13 Data Guard Overview Page - Creation in Progress
5-14 Adding an Existing RAC Standby Database to the Data Guard Configuration
5-15 Select an Existing Standby Database
5-16 Add Standby Database: Standby Configuration
5-17 Add Standby Database: Review
5-18 Changing the State or Properties of a Database
5-19 Standby Role Properties
5-20 Standby Advanced Properties
5-21 Common Properties
5-22 Edit Protection Mode Page
5-23 Edit Protection Mode - Standby Databases and Online Redo Log Files
5-24 Edit Protection Mode - Confirmation
5-25 Protection Mode Successfully Changed
5-26 Switchover Operation
5-27 Processing Page During Switchover
5-28 New Primary Database After Switchover
5-29 Data Guard Overview Page Showing ORA-16625 Error
5-30 Failover Confirmation Page
5-31 Failover Progress Page
5-32 Data Guard Overview Page After a Failover Operation Completes
5-33 Data Guard Overview Page Showing Log Transport Error
5-34 Verifying the Configuration
5-35 Results of the Verify Command
5-36 Viewing Log File Details
5-37 Performance Page
5-38 Data Guard Metrics
5-39 Data Guard Triggered Metrics
5-40 Removing a Standby Database
5-41 Removing a Data Guard Broker Configuration