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Oracle® Database Utilities
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10825-01
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List of Examples

2-1 Performing a Table-Mode Export
2-2 Data-Only Unload of Selected Tables and Rows
2-3 Estimating Disk Space Needed in a Schema-Mode Export
2-4 Performing a Schema Mode Export
2-5 Parallel Full Export
2-6 Attaching to a Stopped Job
3-1 Performing a Data-Only Table-Mode Import
3-2 Performing a Schema-Mode Import
3-3 Network-Mode Import of Schemas
5-1 Performing a Simple Schema Export
5-2 Importing a Dump File and Remapping All Schema Objects
5-3 Using Exception Handling During a Simple Schema Export
6-1 Loading Data in Fixed Record Format
6-2 Loading Data in Variable Record Format
6-3 Loading Data in Stream Record Format
8-1 Sample Control File
8-2 Identifying XML Type Tables in the SQL*Loader Control File
8-3 CONTINUEIF THIS Without the PRESERVE Parameter
8-4 CONTINUEIF THIS with the PRESERVE Parameter
8-5 CONTINUEIF NEXT Without the PRESERVE Parameter
8-6 CONTINUEIF NEXT with the PRESERVE Parameter
9-1 Field List Section of Sample Control File
9-2 DEFAULTIF Clause Is Not Evaluated
9-3 DEFAULTIF Clause Is Evaluated
9-4 DEFAULTIF Clause Specifies a Position
9-5 DEFAULTIF Clause Specifies a Field Name
10-1 Loading Column Objects in Stream Record Format
10-2 Loading Column Objects in Variable Record Format
10-3 Loading Nested Column Objects
10-4 Loading Column Objects with a Subtype
10-5 Specifying Attribute Nulls Using the NULLIF Clause
10-6 Loading Data Using Filler Fields
10-7 Loading a Column Object with Constructors That Match
10-8 Loading a Column Object with Constructors That Do Not Match
10-9 Using SQL to Load Column Objects When Constructors Do Not Match
10-10 Loading an Object Table with Primary Key OIDs
10-11 Loading OIDs
10-12 Loading an Object Table with a Subtype
10-13 Loading System-Generated REF Columns
10-14 Loading Primary Key REF Columns
10-15 Loading LOB Data in Predetermined Size Fields
10-16 Loading LOB Data in Delimited Fields
10-17 Loading LOB Data in Length-Value Pair Fields
10-18 Loading LOB DATA with One LOB per LOBFILE
10-19 Loading LOB Data Using Predetermined Size LOBs
10-20 Loading LOB Data Using Delimited LOBs
10-21 Loading LOB Data Using Length-Value Pair Specified LOBs
10-22 Loading Data Using BFILEs: Only Filename Specified Dynamically
10-23 Loading Data Using BFILEs: Filename and Directory Specified Dynamically
10-24 Loading a VARRAY and a Nested Table
10-25 Loading a Parent Table with User-Provided SIDs
10-26 Loading a Child Table with User-Provided SIDs
11-1 Setting the Date Format in the SQL*Loader Control File
11-2 Setting an NLS_DATE_FORMAT Environment Variable
18-1 Using the DBMS_METADATA Programmatic Interface to Retrieve Data
18-2 Using the DBMS_METADATA Browsing Interface to Retrieve Data
18-3 Retrieving Multiple Objects
18-4 Placing Conditions on Transforms
18-5 Modifying an XML Document
18-6 Using Parse Items to Access Specific Metadata Attributes
18-7 Using the Submit Interface to Re-Create a Retrieved Object
18-8 Retrieving Heterogeneous Object Types
18-9 Filtering the Return of Heterogeneous Object Types