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SQL*Plus® User's Guide and Reference
Release 10.1

Part Number B12170-01
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A SQL*Plus Limits

The general SQL*Plus limits shown are valid for most operating systems.

Table A-1 SQL*Plus Limits

Item Limit
filename length system dependent
username length 30 bytes
substitution variable name length 30 bytes
substitution variable value length 240 characters
command-line length 2500 characters
LONG 2,000,000,000 bytes
LINESIZE system dependent
LONGCHUNKSIZE value system dependent
output line size system dependent
SQL or PL/SQL command-
line size after variable
3,000 characters (internal only)
number of characters in a COMPUTE command label 500 characters
number of lines per SQL command 500 (assuming 80 characters per line)
maximum PAGESIZE 50,000 lines
total row width 32,767 characters
maximum ARRAYSIZE 5000 rows
maximum number of nested scripts 20
maximum page number 99,999
maximum PL/SQL error message size 2K
maximum ACCEPT
character string length
240 Bytes
maximum number of substitution variables 2048