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Oracle® Text Reference
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10730-02
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What's New in Oracle Text?

This chapter describes new features of Oracle Text and provides pointers to additional information.

Oracle Database 10g R1 New Features

The following features are new for this release:

Security Improvements

In previous versions of Oracle Text, CTXSYS had DBA privileges. To tighten security and protect the database in the case of unauthorized access, CTXSYS now has only CONNECT and RESOURCE roles, and only limited, necessary direct grants on some system views and packages. Some applications using Oracle Text may therefore require minor changes in order to work properly with this security change.

See Also:

The Migration chapter in the Oracle Text Application Developer's Guide

Classification and Clustering

The following features are new for classification and clustering:


The following features are new for indexing.

Language Features

The following are new language features:


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