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Oracle® Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10117-01
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Overview of Oracle Data Provider Classes

Oracle Data Provider for .NET classes expose inherited, provider-specific, interface implementations of methods and properties.

ODP.NET provider-specific and interface implementations of methods and properties are described in detail. Inherited methods and properties are not described in detail unless they are overridden. See the Microsoft .NET Framework Class Library for detailed descriptions of inherited methods and properties.

Assembly and Namespace

Oracle Data Provider objects are provided in the Oracle.DataAccess.Client namespace of the Oracle.DataAccess.dll assembly.

Class Inheritance

Information on class inheritance is provided for each class. The following is an example of the inheritance summary for the OracleConnection class. It shows that the OracleConnection class inherits from the Component class, the Component class inherits from the MarshalByRefObject class, and the MarshalByRefObject class inherits from the Object class.





Interface Inheritance

Information on interface inheritance is provided in the class declaration. The following example of the OracleConnection declaration shows that it inherits from the IDbConnection and ICloneable interfaces.

Note that the declaration also indicates the class it derives from, which in this case is the Component class.

public sealed class OracleConnection : Component, IDbConnection, ICloneable 

Syntax Used

The class descriptions in this guide use the C# syntax and datatypes. Check the related Visual Studio .NET Framework documentation for information on other .NET language syntax.