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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10118-01
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About Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library

The Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library is a collection of C++ classes that provide programmatic access to the OO4O automation server. Although the class library is implemented using OLE Automation, neither the OLE development kit nor any OLE development knowledge is necessary to use it. This library helps C++ developers avoid the chore of writing COM client code to access the OO4O interfaces.

In addition to the object classes, the class library provides a bound class, which allows controls such as text and list boxes to be linked directly to a field of a dynaset (columns of a table in the database). The bound class supports late, runtime binding, as is available in Visual Basic. The Oracle Objects for OLE C++ Class Library is supported for Microsoft Visual C++ and (for the bound class) the Microsoft Foundation Classes.