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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10118-01
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PL/SQL Support

Oracle Objects for OLE provides tight integration with PL/SQL stored procedures. Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O), supports PL/SQL stored procedures, PL/SQL tables and PL/SQL cursors and so on. The PL/SQL bind (in/out) variables are supported through the OraParameter's Add method. The PL/SQL table (in/out) variable is supported through the AddTable method.

The stored procedure block is executed either through the CreateSQL method or ExecuteSQL method. Oracle Objects for OLE supports the SQL statement objects for PL/SQL stored procedures.

The Refresh method on this SQL statement object is a faster and easier way to talk to stored procedure for different values for PL/SQL bind (in/out) variables without reparsing the PL/SQL block.

Oracle Objects for OLE returns the cursor created in the stored procedure or anonymous PL/SQL block as a READONLY dynaset object, which is helpful in cases in which the business rules are encapsulated centrally in the Oracle server. In order to do this, you must assign the cursor variable as an OraParameter object of type ORATYPE_CURSOR. After executing the stored procedure, the Value property of this OraParameter object returns a read only dynaset object. For more information see Multiple Cursor Return from a PL/SQL Procedure . This dynaset object can be treated in the same way as other dynaset objects. OO4O also returns a PL/SQL cursor as a read only dynaset object through the CreatePLSQLDynaset method.