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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1)

Part Number B10118-01
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About Oracle Data Control

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The Oracle Data Control is an ActiveX Control that is designed to simplify the exchange of data between an Oracle database and visual controls such as edit, text, list, and grid controls in Visual Basic and other development tools that support custom controls. The Oracle Data Control acts an agent to handle the flow of information from an Oracle database and a visual data-aware control, such as a grid control, that is bound to it. The data control manages various user interface (UI) tasks such as displaying and editing data. It also executes and manages the results of database queries.

The Oracle Data Control is compatible with the Microsoft data control included with Visual Basic. If you are familiar with the Visual Basic data control, learning to use the Oracle Data Control is quick and easy. Communication between data-aware controls and a Data Control is governed by a protocol that has been specified by Microsoft.


A data control allows you to bind to it other controls that display a field, a record, or multiple records of the underlying dynaset. When record movement occurs, data in bound controls stays in sync with the current record of the dynaset.

If a user changes that data in a control that is bound to a data control, the changes are automatically reflected in the underlying dynaset and database.

A data control allows you to perform most data access operations without writing any code. To create a dynaset with a data control, set the Connect, DatabaseName, and RecordSource properties and execute Refresh.