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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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Overview of Required Setup Steps for the Standalone Version of Oracle Workflow

1. Set up the default Oracle Workflow user preferences for your entire enterprise using the Global Preferences web page. The Global Preferences web page also lets you define your workflow administrator role and your Workflow web agent. See: Setting Global User Preferences.
2. Ensure that a directory service is set up to provide information about the individuals and roles in your organization who may utilize Oracle Workflow functionality and receive workflow notifications. Oracle Workflow provides two predefined directory services from which you can choose. See: Setting Up an Oracle Workflow Directory Service.
3. Define an environment variable called WF_RESOURCES if your Workflow server is installed on a UNIX platform. See: Setting the WF_RESOURCES Environment Variable.
4. Set up background Workflow Engines to control the load and throughput of the primary Workflow Engine on your system. You can specify the cost threshold level of your primary and background engines to determine the activities an engine processes and the activities an engine defers. See: Setting Up Background Workflow Engines.
5. Set up the Business Event System to communicate business events between systems using event subscription processing and Workflow process event activities. See: Setting Up the Business Event System.

See Also

Optional Set Up Steps

Other Workflow Features

Identifying the Version of Your Oracle Workflow Server

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