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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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Using the Workflow Definitions Loader

Rather than use the File Save or File Open menu options in Oracle Workflow Builder, you can also run a program called Workflow Definitions Loader to save or load process definitions from a database or flat file.

Before you upgrade your database, you can use the Workflow Definitions Loader to preserve and back up your process definitions to a flat file. After the database upgrade is complete, you can use the Loader program again to upload the definitions back into your database if you need to reload your saved definitions for any reason. You can also use the Loader program to upgrade your database with a newer version of a process definition or to transfer process definitions to other databases.

When you upload or upgrade a process definition, the Workflow Definitions Loader automatically validates the process definition to ensure that it conforms to specific process design rules. It performs the same validation as the Oracle Workflow Builder Verify feature. See: To Validate a Process Definition, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.

Attention: When you upload or upgrade a workflow definition onto an existing definition in a database, it is possible that an object in the upload/upgrade definition has a Display Name that is already in use by a different object in the target database. If this occurs, the Workflow Definition Loader automatically resolves the display name conflict by adding a '@' character to the beginning of conflicting display names in the target database. The upload/upgrade definition is then applied as is and a warning message is generated.
Note: You can use the Workflow Definitions Loader Release 2.6.3 to upload and download process definitions from all versions of the Oracle Workflow Server embedded in Oracle Applications Release 11i, as well as Release 2.6.3, Release 2.6.2, Release 2.6.1, base Release 2.6, and Release 2.5 of the standalone version of the Oracle Workflow Server. However, when you use the Workflow Definitions Loader to upload process definitions to an earlier Oracle Workflow Server version, those processes cannot include any new features introduced in later releases. For more details about which features you must not use with earlier versions, see: Using Oracle Workflow Builder with Different Server Versions, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.

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