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Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10283-02
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What's New in Oracle Workflow?

Oracle Workflow Release 2.6.3 includes the following enhancements for administrators:

Oracle Workflow provides a standard notification mailer service component called Workflow Notification Mailer which is used by default. It is now also possible to configure and run multiple notification mailer service components. Java-based notification mailers are configured and run exclusively through the Workflow Manager component of Oracle Enterprise Manager.
The Java-based Workflow Notification Mailer supports sending both individual and summary e-mail notifications. You no longer need to run a separate notification mailer to send summary notifications. See: Setting Up Notification Mailers.
Note: The previous C-based Notification Mailer is obsolete in this release. Also, Java-based notification mailers do not use text files to define configuration parameters and tags; instead, all configuration settings are entered in Workflow Manager.
Note: Oracle Workflow no longer supports the old MAPI-compliant mailer because the Microsoft Outlook E-mail Security Update that was released on June 7, 2000 desupports the MAPI Common Messaging Calls (CMC) interface used by that mailer. (See: OL2000: Developer Information About the Outlook E-mail Security Update.) Oracle Workflow also no longer supports parsing an inbound SMTP file for response processing with UNIX Sendmail. Instead, the new architecture of the Java-based Workflow Notification Mailer uses an IMAP inbox for response processing. The same Workflow Notification Mailer can be used regardless of the platform on which you deploy it.

Oracle Workflow Release 2.6.3 includes the following enhancements for developers:

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