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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Item Type Attributes

An item type attribute is a property associated with a given item type. It acts as a global variable that can be referenced or updated by any activity within a process. An item type attribute often provides information about an item that is necessary for the workflow process to complete. For example, the "Workflow Demonstration" item type has an item type attribute called "Requisition Amount." An activity in our example Requisition Approval process requires the value of this item type attribute to determine if a selected approver has the authority to approve a requisition of that amount.

Applications as well as function activities can reference and set item type attributes using the Oracle Workflow Engine APIs. You can define and maintain as many item type attributes as necessary for an item type. You should define as an item type attribute, any information that will be required by an activity in your process, or any information that will need to be sent in a notification message. See: To Define a Message Attribute.

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