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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Deleting Objects in Oracle Workflow Builder

You can delete an object in Oracle Workflow Builder even if the object is referenced by other objects, assuming the object is not protected against customizations. If the object you want to delete is referenced by other objects, a Workflow Error dialog box appears, warning you about the foreign key references that will break. You can proceed to delete the object anyway or cancel the action. If you choose to delete, then when you save or verify the workflow process definition, a Workflow Error dialog box appears, reporting all broken foreign key references that exist in the definition.

As a result of this behavior, you can load workflow definitions with invalid foreign keys into Oracle Workflow Builder to correct. Oracle Workflow Builder preserves the original internal name reference for any missing foreign key, and displays it in a validation error message when you load the process definition. You can restore a broken foreign key reference in a process definition by recreating the deleted object with its original internal name under its original item type.

Note: You can also delete an entire item type definition in Oracle Workflow Builder.

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