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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Standard APIs for "PL/SQL" Documents

You can integrate a document into a workflow process by defining an attribute of type document for an item type, message, or activity. Oracle Workflow supports document types called "PL/SQL" documents, "PL/SQL CLOB" documents, and "PL/SQL BLOB" documents. A PL/SQL document represents data as a character string, a PL/SQL CLOB document represents data as a character large object (CLOB), and a PL/SQL BLOB document represents data as a binary large object (BLOB).

The document-type attribute that you create tells Oracle Workflow how to construct a dynamic call to a PL/SQL procedure that generates the document. You can embed a PL/SQL or PL/SQL CLOB document-type message attribute in a message body to display the document in a notification. You can also attach a PL/SQL, PL/SQL CLOB, or PL/SQL BLOB document-type message attribute to a message to include the document as an attachment to the notification.

The PL/SQL procedures that generate PL/SQL, PL/SQL CLOB, and PL/SQL BLOB documents must follow standard API formats.

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