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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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The Dequeue procedure in a queue handler package must dequeue an event message from the queue associated with the specified inbound agent, selecting the message to dequeue by the message priority. The procedure transforms the event message's header information if necessary and returns the event message in the standard WF_EVENT_T structure. Additionally, the Dequeue procedure can set the date and time when the message is dequeued into the RECEIVE_DATE attribute of the event message.

When an event message is being received, the WF_EVENT.Listen procedure determines which queue handler to use with the specified inbound agent and calls the Dequeue procedure in that queue handler to dequeue the message.

The PL/SQL Dequeue procedure must have the following standard API:

procedure dequeue (p_agent_guid in raw,
p_event out WF_EVENT_T);

The arguments for the procedure are as follows:

p_agent_guid The globally unique identifier of the inbound agent from whose queue the event message should be dequeued.
p_event The event message.

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