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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Requisition Process

The Requisition process is an example of a workflow process that is initiated when you create a new requisition to purchase an item. The Requisition process is based on two tables that store approval hierarchy and spending authority information.

When you submit a requisition in this demonstration, the process sends a notification to the next manager in the approval hierarchy to approve the requisition. If the spending limit of the approving manager is less than the requisition amount, the process forwards the requisition to the next higher manager in the approval hierarchy until it finds a manager with the appropriate spending limit to approve the requisition. Each intermediate manager must approve the requisition to move it to the next higher manager. Once a manager with the appropriate spending limit approves the requisition, the process ends with a result of Approve.

The process can end with a result of rejected if:

You can set up and initiate this example process if you are using the standalone version of Oracle Workflow. If you are using Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications, you should consider this process mainly as an example for explanation purposes and not for demonstration use. The files necessary to set up and run this demonstration are not provided with the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

Attention: For detailed information about runnable workflow processes that are integrated with Oracle Applications or Oracle Self-Service Web Applications, refer to the appropriate Oracle Applications User's Guide or online documentation. See: Predefined Workflows Embedded in Oracle E-Business Suite.
Attention: Oracle Self-Service Web Applications provides a predefined Requisition Process that is different from the version of the example process documented here. The example process documented in this section is for demonstration purposes only and not for production use.

This sample workflow is based on the demonstration data model. The data model includes two tables with data: one table maintains an employee approval hierarchy and the other maintains the spending limit of each employee. These two tables make up the database application that we use to approve a requisition. In addition, the data model also includes a directory service that identifies the Oracle Workflow users and roles in this sample implementation.

There are two ways you can initiate the Requisition process based on a fictitious requisition: run a script or submit a requisition using a web-based interface. Both methods require that you provide the name of the employee who prepared the requisition, the requisition amount, the requisition number, a requisition description, a requisition process owner and the name of the workflow process to initiate.

This section describes the Requisition process in detail to give you an understanding of what each activity in this workflow accomplishes.

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