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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Error Check Process

The Error Check Process scans the Oracle Workflow item activity statuses table for activities in error. The main purpose of this process is to illustrate how you can use Oracle Workflow to design a workflow process that has the same functionality as an Oracle Alert periodic alert. You can initiate the Error Check Process to scan for database exceptions at a specified frequency.

The process definition of the Error Check Process is automatically installed for you by the Workflow Configuration Assistant for the standalone version of Oracle Workflow or by AutoUpgrade for the version of Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications.

When you launch the Error Check process in this demonstration, the process executes a function that scans the Workflow item activity statuses table looking for activities in error. If it finds errors, the process sends a notification listing the errors to the designated alert recipient. The process either continues or ends depending on whether the Error Check process is set to run only once or to run at a specified frequency. If you specify the process to run at a particular frequency, the process waits the necessary period of time and then scans the Workflow item activity statuses table again. The wait/scan loop continues until a specified end date is reached and the process ends.

You can initiate the Error Check process from the Launch Processes web page or from the Workflow Demonstrations web page. You must provide the Item Key, User Key, Process Owner, Alert Recipient, Start date of the process, End date of the process, and the Frequency (day of week, day of month, time of day, days, or Once only) with which you want to check for errors.

Note: The item key for a process instance can only contain single-byte characters. It cannot contain a multibyte value.

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